Hunting References & Testimonials 2013

Brian Bode, Kansas City MO, 913-972-8967

Brian Brockway, Browns Valley CA, 707-580-1165

Butch Meilinger, Windgap PA, 610-533-7473

CJ Merriman, Lapeer MI, 810-441-0444

Dan Galetti, Kansas City MO, 816-587-1556

Dave Ratliff, Howell MI, 517-304-5840

Dennis & Sandra Butler, Joelton TN, 615-876-2894

Eric Ammon, Salyer CA, 707-845-7475

Fred & Diana Regenfuss, Colgate WI, 414-573-9609

Harold & Cindi Ruckpaul, Hico WV, 304-237-9008

Jim & Venice Mercer, Carbondale KS, 785-244-6875

Jim Guist, Billings MO, 417-743-2772

Joe & Dee Wardy, El Paso TX, 915-373-2797

John Friscia, Staten Island NY, 917-750-5957

John Scherzer, Cass City MI, 989-670-4202

Justin & Tina Lagge, Sacramento CA, 916-508-9982

Lee Mc Canna, Warren PA, 814-726-1627

Mike & Nadine Carelli, Buffalo NY, 716-481-2161

Mike Graff, Richmond MO, 816-500-0478

Nick & Charlene Palco, Harrison Twp MI, 586-907-6280

Randy Garcia, Metamora MI, 810-678-2449

Ray Penner, North Newton KS, 316-288-3915

Rick & Susan Tedford, Roseville CA, 916-532-1095

Rick Creach, Smithville MO, 816-507-8309

Steve Chaffee, Topeka KS, 785-224-3285

Steve Thiele, Bradford PA, 814-363-9946

Terry & Marilyn Parsons, Branson MO, 417-779-5496

Jim Nelson, Topeka KS, 785-554-7275



    Everyone has dreamed of hunting in Africa. Quit waiting for someone else to join you, and DO IT!  I finally did and had the time of my life.  The accommodations are first rate, the Professional Hunters are topnotch, and the hunting properties have top tier animals. 

    When my wife and I met you at the show in SLC, you clearly were more personable than any of the other outfitters at the show!  One of the things that made me seriously consider hunting in Africa was the price list sitting on your table. You were the only outfitter that had a pricelist showing how affordable Africa was. You were prompt on emails and answered questions clearly.  There is no way I could come up with a complaint.  You operate a very professional operation.  Thank you for taking the time to introduce us to hunting in Africa.  Further, through you I have met some very nice people that have hunted with you before.


    I must repeat again - I am hunting with friends now - which makes the whole experience priceless!

    Just the fact that we have booked with Somerby for 3 years in a row, speaks volumes for the services and satisfaction we have found with Somerby for our African adventures. They have all become our personal friends and I trust if you give them the opportunity they will for you as well. Just the fact that we have booked with Somerby Safaris 3 years in a row speaks volumes for the service and satisfaction we've found with Somerby for our African adventures.

    Everyone at Somerby Safaris makes every effort to see that you are comfortable and successful. They have all become our personal friends and I trust that if you give them the opportunity they will for you as well. I highly recommend that you book with Somerby Safaris for your African adventure - if you are returning or going for the first time.  You won't be disappointed!


    My experience with Somerby's Safari has been life-changing and has allowed me to further my ambition of one day becoming a PH in the United States.  For that, I am humbled and forever grateful for all the hard work that Somerby's put forth to ensure a successful hunting adventure for myself and the other hunter's in our party!  I hope the hunting season has continued to be successful, I look forward to one day in the near future to return to hunt with Somerby's Safari!!!


    Somerby Outfitters went out of their way to make sure our trip was a success.  Everyone was nice and made sure we were having a great time.


    Here's a shameless plug. IF you ever thought about an African hunt, you owe it to yourself to give Somerby Safaris serious consideration.  They are top shelf in every aspect.  Adjectives about the whole bunch and the operation abound and rightfully so. They are gracious, personable, knowledgeable, caring, considerate, enjoyable, skillful, willing, dedicated, enthusiastic, funny, agreeable, kind, and any other positive attribute you can name is applicable. I consider ALL of them my friend and they are welcome in my home any time. I can't give a better recommendation than to say when you want to make a lifetime of wonderful memories, go with them.  You won't be disappointed.


    I represent a Hunting Group known as "The Colonials"

    I can only say this about our Friends at Somerby Safaris! The Outfitters(Drom & Sune), Accommodations, Cuisine, PH's, and Staff at all fabulous locations were exemplary; as to the attention given to all details and aspects of the Safari experience! You go there as clients, and leave there as friends! The memories shared by the Brotherhood of my fellow Hunter Conservationists at Somerby Safaris, will soon not be forgotten. And I am certain that these amazing memories will live on in our hearts and minds, all the days of our lives!


    We can not say enough about the exceptional experience we had trough Somerby Safaris.


    Somerby Safaris is a first class operation, they made our first trip to South Africa an awesome experience.


    From the moment you get off the plane until you board to go home, Somerby Safaris pays close attention to every detail of your adventure. Each and every aspect of our trip was well planned out and organized. Close personal attention is paid to both the hunter and non-hunter by their great staff. You truly do arrive as clients and leave as friends.


    All you could ever wanted or need was attended to with the utmost care and personalized services that anyone would ever require. Thanks to the staff @ Somerby, once again you have outdone yourselves in every aspect of our safari.


    For the second year in a row we enjoyed our hunt with Somerby. Everyone performed great, even the exciting plane ride was almost as good as the hunt.


    I have already recommended several friends to hunt with Somerby Safaris in 2013 and have plans to recommended even more friends in future. Somerby is not a one time trip, it is a safari group that hunts from the warm Zambezi Valley of Zimbabawe to the cool mountains of the Cape in South Africa.


    My wife and I have just finished our third safari with Somerby, every aspect of our safari was well planned and well done as usual. In addition to the hunting the side trips were great. Somerby, like always, exceeded our expectations and we are already thinking about our next trip to Africa and it will definitely be with Somerby.


    Hunting with Somerby Safaris was a great experience. You will take home memories for a lifetime and want to come back for more.


    This was my fourth safaris and my only regret is the first 3 was not with Somerby. Drom, Sune and company were just great and seemed to anticipate our every need. Services like that combined with great ph's and the best quality game I have ever seen stackes up to a package that is hard to beat. It is hard not to walk away without considering these people your friends.

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