Hunting References & Testimonials 2016

  • Brian Shaub - Lancaster, PA / 717-278-1080

    They did a great job from start to finish and we had a wonderful family experience. Somerby's greatest assets are its people. Our PH and tour guide took great care of us and went the extra mile from the time we arrived at the airport until they dropped us of for our flight home.

  • Jack Poole - Spring Hill, KS / 913-208-2596

    The Somerby team is like family. The entire team does a great job from the initial booking, through all the pre-hunt preparation, to the great PH and hunting experiences and then even handling the shipment of the trophies back to the USA. Great job, it is always a pleasure hunting with Somerby Safaris!

  • Salavatore Crisafulli - Easton, PA

    This was our second safari with Somerby and we were again very pleased with our experience. Every detail of our trip was very well planned out and the quality of the animals taken were exceptional. The Somerby staff went the extra mile to ensure that our trip was a memorable one.

  • Antoine Robertson - Brandywine, MD / 301-512-1888

    If you're looking for a hunt of a lifetime, Somerby Safaris will make your dreams a reality. Hands down they lived up to their standards and exceeded our expectations. The friendly, outgoing and professional staff made our adventure very special and will be embedded in our hearts and minds forever!

  • Prashant Reddy - Allen, TX / 757-672-6526

    Fantastic, professional outfitter: highly recommend. As their motto says, "go as a client and leave as a friend".

  • Daniel Erker - Grand Island, NY / 716-773-7690

    Somerby Safaris will make your WILDEST DREAM come true. You will come away with memories that will last all of the days of your life. You will tell your friends and family how great the experience was, from start to finish.

  • Herb Hall - Grand Island, NY / 716-773-3345

    Drom and his staff are top notch. Everything about the trip was first class! I would not think of going to Africa with anyone else. Drom has made a little boy's dream of hunting Africa for 60 years come true. Thanks Drom!

  • Mike Perkins - Meridian, ID / 208-891-4854

    Somerby Safaris was as good as you can get. They went out of their way to arrange excursions and attend to our every need. The game was plentiful and they made sure we had good opportunities to take the trophies we were after. We enjoyed our 10 days with them and highly recommend them to anyone.

  • Harry Edgar Nethercutt Jr - Ashland, KY / 606-615-3867

    This group of people work hard for their clients. I will be going back again to have an exciting time. I have never been treated so kindly and respectfully as I have by them. Anyone looking for the trip of a lifetime would not go wrong with this group of lovely people.

  • Richard Kolodzinzki - Manassas, VA / 703-795-1291

    Somerby Safaris ensured my first trip to Africa was a wonderful experience. The accommodations, food, wildlife - both harvested and observed - were beyond my expectations. My PH, as well as all the people working for Somerby, were professional, fun and made this a trip of a lifetime for me. I can't wait to go back!

  • Brian Lewia - Norridgewoxk, ME / 207-634-5051

    My experience on this safari was "top shelf". If you are looking for the hunt of a lifetime that includes accommodations and amenities that are second to none, combined with the leadership of a PH that you will enjoy following, then I strongly recommend Somerby Safaris.

  • Dan Lewia - Antlers, OK / 580-298-7672

    This was my second trip with Somerby, and certainly not my last. My wife and I are planning a future trip to both hunt and see beautiful parts of South Africa. Somerby does an amazing job caring for all the details of the hunt, and putting you on quality game time after time.

  • Mike Graff - Richmond, MO / 816-776-2233

    I still get emotional thinking about South Africa and the Somerby family. All the great meals, the accommodation, conversations and friendships made. The success in hunting is a bonus. Their slogan is "Come as a client, leave as a friend." Mine is " Come as a friend, leave as family."

  • Chuck Johnson - Stafford, VA / 540-656-7268

    The service was great and staff was very professional and helpful. Thanks to Somerby Safaris for a wonderful safari and a special thanks to our PH for making this a successful, entertaining, and truly memorable hunting trip of a lifetime.

  • Ray Penner - North Newton, Kansas / 316-288-3915

    I would certainly recommend Somerby and their organization. All of the PH's are first class and take the need and wants of the hunter into account. They have excellent trophies available and handle all aspects of the contract in a very business-like manner. I would recommend Drom and his support staff to the experieced hunter, as well as the first-time hunter.

  • Ronnie Whitear - Morgan, UT / 801-706-7766

    I have told a great deal of friends and associates about Somerby. I always mention the great value, the great staff and the service that attracts any hunter who wants a really successful experience. For my first hunt, I was overwhelmed with the quality of animals. I was treated like family.

  • Greg Calderwood - Oklahoma City, OK / 405-623-7307

    Starting with Drom and Sune, continuing with the office girls and ending with PH PD, the Somerby team took great care of every detail, removing any concerns, making it a safari of a life time.

  • Fred Molzahn - Edmonton, AB, Canada / 1-780-473-3587

    The Somerby experience was indeed a memorable one. From the accommodations, to the food, to the hunting experience and the PHs, they can't be beat. I came to Africa with my sons, and we all had the times of our lives. My sons and I would recommend Somerby hands down.

  • Ken Konopka - Atco, NJ / 609-784-4537

    The quality of the "Hunt", meaning the people that surround you, is most important to me - not the amount of trophy animals you shoot (that is a given with them!). It's the overall experience that matters and the adventure of the hunt to hold onto and remember for the rest of your life. You will experience all that and more with the Somerby Company, PH's & Staff.

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