References & Testimonials 2018

  • Carlton Hempel - Austin, TX / 512-7625893

    Somerby Safaris exceeded all our expectations on our first safari. My teenagers were asking when do we get to come back for another hunt prior to us leaving South Africa. Top shelf PH, top shelf hunting, wonderful experience.

  • Bill Stephens - South Jordan, UT / 801-518-0282

    This was my second time in Africa. Somerby was the best by far. Quality of animals and the hunting situations for each animal was exceptional.

  • Terry Morris - Lone Grove, OK / 580-220-4049

    I would recommend Somerby for any hunting, plains game as well as dangerous. I hunted with 2 PH's and stayed in 2 camps and traveled with them. The whole team from PH to camp personal are excellent. I was on a extended period hunt, hunting day and night and never had any issues. I have hunted in Africa for 10 yrs and they are the best I have had. I will definitely return as well as pass on to my hunting friends. Top notch.

  • Dan Lewia - Antlers, OK / 580-298-7672

    This is my third trip with Somerby, and we are already planning our 4th. So far I have been impressed with the quality of each aspect of our hunts (camp, food, PH, animals, property and logistics). On each of our previous hunts, Somerby staff listened to our desires and wants with respect to how and what we wanted to hunt - and Somerby delivered each time, exceeding our expectations. I've hunted in the US with various guides and outfitters, and many of them are not committed to working with you on your individual needs and how you want to hunt. In a field where there are so many choices for an outfitter in South Africa, it can be a very daunting task to make the right choice for you and your family/hunting partners, and I've been very impressed with Somerby. The contacts that Somerby has in the area have benefited us on several occasions when our schedules were flexible or altered due to unforeseen conditions, allowing us to continue hunting rather than have a day at camp.

  • Barry Wesley - Murphysboro, IL / 618-525-0468

    This operation is not a well oiled machine, it is a finely tuned Swiss watch. You folks are amazing. You went beyond the call of duty for us. On the fly you helped us change our hunt from plains game to Cape Buffalo. This involved using a different lodge, different location, and it worked seamlessly. This was fantastic. I can recommend Somerby to anyone without reservation.

  • Dan Christensen - Buffalo City, WI / 608-769-2024

    Absolutely one of the best hunting experiences of my life. For anyone looking to book a serious African safari, do not hesitate to contact Somerby!

  • Joe Poland - Topeka, KS / 317-601-4003

    You won't want for an outfitter that listens to what you want and does everything they can to give it to you when you hunt with Somerby because they will give it to you. Big and small things, they pay attention and work hard to make sure you are happy.

  • Kerry Stewart - Cromwell, New Zealand /

    We had an amazing time hunting with Somerby Safaris. The trophies far exceeded our expectations. We cannot wait to come back and do it all again in a few years! Thanks again!

  • Jared DeLaite - Woodville, ME / 207-403-0951

    Somerby Safaris is very professional and caring about their clients from start to finish and everything in the middle from lining up lodges to meals and just enjoying the different activities in South Africa.

  • Henry McLemore - Lafayette, NV / 312-320-8348

    My son and I hunted buffalo and plains game. Our expectations were met and then some. Hunting areas, accommodations, and the guide were excellent. I would highly recommend Somerby Safaries for your South African safari!

  • Al Colucci - Middletown, NJ / 917-974-1187

    I would recommend Somerby Safaris to anyone looking for a quality safari whether it be trophy hunting or a photo safari and tourist attractions. Their detail to every aspect of the trip before and after is unequaled to anyone I have used in the past.

  • Jon McMahon - Alberta, Canada / 780-818-6201

    I have been in the hunting industry all my life and have traveled on personal hunts a fair bit as of late. Somerby's whole team did an excellent job at helping us plan the trip, target the specific animals I was after all the while providing a relaxed and overall perfect adventure hunting in South Africa. The best part is I know this is only the first of many trips for my wife and I hunting Africa with Drome and the team!

  • Hal Kirk – Saginaw, MI / 989-860-5296

    The Somerby team is the best team I could have had the pleasure to hunt with. The animals they put you on are top notch. The PH's are very knowledgeable and great to hunt with. The accommodations are first class.

  • Danny Carr – Mountain View, MO / 417-247-0088

    From the moment we met our PH and tour guide at the airport, all our needs were seen to and taken care of. We have never been treated so well in all our lives. The only bad part of the entire safari adventure was having to wave bye to them when checking into the TSA at the airport when leaving. The hunting was unbelievable but the entire experience Somerby provided was unbelievable. Only 1 year and 344 days until we return.. not that we are counting.

  • Beck Coggeshall – Murrels Inlet, SC / 843-215-2989

    I have been dreaming of hunting in Africa for over 20 years, since before I was 10 years old. I was worried after hyping this trip up for over two decades that my ultimate experience would never be as great as I had hoped. Drom and Somerby Safaris exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I will return to Africa to hunt with them as soon as I can. All of the animals were great trophies. Drom and the PH's did not settle for mediocre animals.

  • Frank and Donna Cipressi – Cheektowaga, NY / 716-860-0717

    We had the time of our lives - every detail was covered from start to finish.

  • The Shotzman Family – Charleston, AR / 479-965-6689

    Our PH met us at the airport and from that moment made sure that our trip would be a memorable experience. This trip was about our son fulfilling a lifelong dream and our PH shared many details about South Africa and its wildlife. Our PH was always willing to answer any questions we had. He treated us with absolute kindness. He went out of his way to ensure that we had a successful hunt and that we had great trophies to return home with.

  • Jeremy Webb – Platte City, MO / 816-679-0265

    We did a great deal of research and spoke with many different outfitters prior to deciding to book our trip with Somerby Safaris. Now that our trip has concluded I can truly not imagine that our trip could have been any better. My brother-in-law and I had the privilege of harvesting multiple gold medal trophies and our wives who were along for the trip were treated to a wonderful guide of their own and were able to experience several once in a lifetime experiences. I think a true sign of the quality of the experience provided by Somerby is that prior to returning home we were already planning our next hunt and looking forward to sharing many more great memories with not only the company but truly the new lifetime friends that we have made.

  • John Wilson – Nazareth, PA / 443-618-9698

    I can't say enough good things about our time with Somerby. They think of all of the little details so that you can just focus on enjoying this experience of a lifetime. The lodging, food and properties are amazing. The staff at each are friendly, eager and excellent at their jobs. My wife enjoyed daily excursions while I pursued plains game. We would meet together each night eager to talk about our different experiences. We both agree this is something we need to do again!

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