CJ & Alice Merriman 2011

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I have hunted twice now with Somerby.  My wife has accompanied me on both trips and we are very satisfied.  Somerby has provided me with a spectacular hunting experiences.  They have excellent PH's and access to outstanding hunting areas.  On both of my trips I have been able to see significant numbers of the species for which I was hunting.  Their service before, during, and after the hunt are top notch.  My wife, who is a non-hunter, also enjoys Somerby since they provide opportunities for her to do many different activities while I am hunting.  She can do as much or as little as she likes.  The accommodations are first rate and the food is always excellent.

During our last hunt Somerby helped us arrange a visit to a Zulu school where we were able to deliver much needed supplies. Somerby made a great effort to not only help us identify the school and work out the logistics but also located and picked up some of the supplies that we needed.  They helped make the school visit an unforgettable highlight of the entire safari. 

We hope to visit South Africa again soon and it will be through Somerby Safaris.
810-441-0444  cjam39@yahoo.com Lapeer, MICHIGAN
Hunted April 2011 and 2009

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