Hunting a Trophy Fallow Deer

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Hunting a Trophy Fallow DeerHunting a Trophy Fallow Deer






INTERESTING HUNTING NOTES: Fallow Deer from Europe were introduced near Cape Town, South Africa, in 1869 by the British. Since then, numbers have increased dramatically and many have been trans-located to various regions throughout South Africa. An extremely interesting animal to hunt especially during the rut, when stags can be heard calling and one can detect and stalk stags by the sound of crashing antlers. During the rut, the deer lose all fear of humans and become obsessed with mating - hunting during this time can be one of the most exciting hunts to be a part of. The rut for Fallow Deer runs from March - June and hunters looking at hunting Fallow Deer in rut must be advised: the earlier in the rut the better. Stags lose their antlers towards the end of September into October, with regrowth starting almost immediately in Spring.

IDENTIFICATION: A medium sized deer with more colour variations than any other. Color ranges from white all the way to chocolate brown/black. During the summer months, most are a rich brown with white spots; in Winter, the coat becomes much thicker and rougher, turning a darker color. A broad, black, dorsal line runs from the neck to the rump, and broadens to include the tail. The underparts are lighter in color to white. Males have a prominent Adams apple. Only the males have antlers.

HUNTED IN:  Eastern Cape and Free State Provinces.

HABITAT: Not limited but prefers mountainous areas with brush cover. Can survive in a range of climates, dependent on some kind of cover, but has adapted well and is even found in open grassland and agricultural areas.

Hunting a Trophy Fallow Deer

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