Hunting a Trophy Giraffe

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WEIGHS: 1700 - 3000 POUNDS


IDENTIFICATION: Needs no introduction! Color of the hide can change with age. Older animals become dark brown to almost colorless to almost black. The skin is almost a half-inch thick giving it the thickest skin of all of the African animals. When bulls become very old they have a bad body odor that also affects the quality of the meat.

HUNTED IN: Limpopo, Zululand and North West Provinces.

HABITAT: They occur in a wide spectrum of dry to semi-dry sub-tropical areas. Habitat where the Acacia tree is dominant is preferred.

HABITS: The Giraffe's height gives it a lofty perspective and dining exclusivity. It enjoys tree top meals that others can't reach. Its sensitive tongue navigates easily through the acacias wickedly sharp spines, choosing only the most succulent leaves. With their 18 inch long tongues, African Giraffes browse through trees and twigs preferring plants and leaves. On average, a Giraffe eats about 140 pounds of food a day.

Hunting a Trophy Giraffe

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