Hunting a Trophy Hippo

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Hunting a Trophy HippoHunting a Trophy Hippo



WEIGHTS: 3000 -5500 POUNDS


INTERESTING HUNTING NOTES: Hunting a hippo is not as difficult as it can be dangerous. Due to the thickness of the hide and the fat layer, it is easy to wound this water dweller. On many occasions, the hunter will be shooting at the head only because the rest of the body will be submerged. The hunter needs to ensure that the rifle shoots where he aims to make the shot count. Other caliber rifles can be used for making a telling head shot.

When the hippo has been shot and the hunter and PH are both convinced that it was a fatal shot, it can take up to two hours before the carcass starts to float as a result of the intestinal gasses. Once the carcass is afloat, it can be recovered.

Walking-and-stalking the hippo is mostly how they are hunted and the hunter needs to take care not to underestimate the senses of their quarry. The minimum suggested caliber for hunting hippo is a 375 and up, using solid bullets.

The average shooting distance when hunting hippo is 30 - 50 yards

IDENTIFICATION: The scientific name means horse of the water. The body is not aerodynamic at all but rather stout, like a wine vat with legs. The only brush-like hair on the body occurs around the lips, around the neck, on the tips of the ears and on the tip of the tail. Color of the body is dark gray-brown that looks pink when the animal is outside of water for a prolonged period of time. The pink is a moisturizing secretion from submerged glands, resulting in people believing that hippos sweat blood.

HUNTED IN: Mpumalanga and Limpopo Province, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. 

HABITAT: Any river system or water rich area with an ample food source within a 3 mile radius of the water.

Hunting a Trophy Hippo

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