Hunting a Trophy Leopard

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Hunting a Trophy LeopardHunting a Trophy Leopard




INTERESTING HUNTING NOTES: Any adult Leopard male is considered a fine trophy. The classic hunting method is by baiting, a very interesting hunt, which requires the greatest deal of patience as hunters may be expected to sit in blinds for many nights without even a sign of a Leopard. Once the Leopard does climb the tree, a hunter will experience something only he can understand: the sight of a Leopards silhouette with a setting African sun in the background. Shot placement is very important as a wounded Leopard is not something to take lightly. The other method of hunting Leopard is by hunting with hounds: this hunt can be very exciting with Leopards often charging at close quarters. If you're after the romantic hunt with bursts of adrenaline then go for a baited Leopard; if you're an adrenaline junkie then hunt with the hounds. Either way, both hunts are extremely special in their own way.

IDENTIFICATION: Strongly-built with a long tail. Light golden-brown with black spots and rosettes, consisting of 4-6 spots arranged in a circle. The tail is long and spotted with black bands near the tip.

HUNTED IN: Limpopo Province, Mpumalanga Province and the Kalahari Region of the North West Province and Zimbabwe.

HABITAT:  Very adaptable; occurs even in desert areas. Prefers stony hills, riverine forests, broken country, mountains and thickets. Prey and sufficient shelter such as rocks or thickets are essential. Independent of water.

HABITS: Solitary, except during mating time. Mainly nocturnal, but to a certain extent also diurnal in undisturbed areas. It marks its territory with urine and a male's territory overlaps with those of females. A very good tree climber and is able to haul even large prey up trees - out of reach of scavengers. Has keen senses and is very cunning and dangerous if wounded.

Hunting a Trophy Leopard

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