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My wife and I, and another couple from Wisconsin, had the privilege to go on safari with Drom and Suné and Somerby Safaris in April of 2011. This was a long-time dream come true for us and we were not disappointed. Although hunting was the main focus of this trip, we also wanted to experience South Africa as much as we could in the two week time span we were there. We wanted a chance to see the country, experience the food and drink, and meet and talk to the people and children of South Africa by attending a church service and a school classroom. Our expectations were high and they were not only met, they were surpassed. The hunting was exceptional and we learned so much from Drom and his fellow PH's in terms of wildlife biology and game management. We hunted in 4 provinces and experienced several diverse biomes. Although we were not hunting solely for trophy animals, the ones we took were excellent representatives of the species. The numbers of animals and the numbers of different species of animals we saw was incredible especially while doing our photography safari in Kruger National park.

Our wives enjoyed being with Suné very much. Whatever they needed or wanted to do was quickly set up for them. They only wished they had more time to do more things. We are already doing some planning for a return trip. And when we do go back, it will be with Drom and Suné

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Hunted in April 2011

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