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My first safari with Drom and Suné was in May, 2007.  I hunted Lioness in the Kalahari and a Cape Buffalo in a reserve bordering the Kruger National Park. I also did a green hunt for a White Rhino and several plains game species. My wife accompanied my on this safari.

In October 2007 I hunted Elephant and Hippo with Drom in Zimbabwe. In 2009, Drom and I hunted Leopard over hounds in Nambia.

I was back in South Africa in 2011 for a Nile Crocodile to complete the Dangerous Seven. My hunt was successful; I shot 13 foot Crocodile, a Safari Club International Gold Metal, Wian,

I also shot an  80 pound Civet Cat and Genet Cat.  I also was lucky to bag another female ostrich for a pair of cowboy boots.

I can honestly say that I have found an outfitter who truly knows how to hunt the African game that most people want to hunt.  I have placed my life into Drom's hands on several occasions.  Drom has proven that not only does he know where to hunt the animals that his clients contract for, but he always keeps his clients safety first and foremost.  Drom is so skilled in African hunting that you will have to hunt a lifetime to enjoy all the excitement that Drom will be able to pack into your safari.  And it will be hard not to return for your next safari.

Feel free to contact me for any reason about going out with Drom and Suné for your plains game as well as your dangerous game safaris.  He and his lovely wife Suné and his other skilled hunters are tops in my book.  They can all be counted on to produce the perfect hunt of your lifetime.

Drom is responsible for me being awarded:  The African Big Five (Grand Slam),  
Grand Slam Dangerous Game of African, African 15 Grand Slam, & Hunting Achievement Award  (Bronze)

816-632-7042,  ewscott@wildblue.net Cameron, MISSOURI

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