Somerby Safaris' Hunting Big Game in Africa is the greatest attraction for the adventure seeker and trophy hunter.

These animals were named “The Big Five” by Big game hunters from African’s colonial era, as they were considered the most dangerous and difficult African animals to hunt on foot.



Hunting Buffalo

Hunting Cape Buffalo is one of the most popular species amongst Big Game hunters. Buffalo hunting is our speciality, and we pride ourselves not only in top trophy quality, but also in the complete authentic hunt experience! 


Hunting Leopard

Hunting Leopard is without a doubt the best adrenaline kicking hunt in Africa. The leopard is the most elusive of the Big Five, alo the most dangerous animal in the world when wounded, drawing a deep respect from all who have hunted this magnificent creature.


Hunting Lion

Hunting Lion is one of South Africa's most enthralling dangerous game hunting experiences. We conduct Fair-chase lion hunting in the Kalahari region, right on the border of Botswana. Tracking a lion on foot in the sandy soil of the Kalahari is one of the most exhilirating hunting experiences! 

Hunting Rhino

Hunting Rhino.



Hunting Elephant

Hunting the planet’s largest terrestrial animal, the magnificent Elephant, is for sure an exceedingly heart-pounding experience for a trophy hunter. Somerby Safaris offers spectacular elephant hunting in Namibia and Zimbabwe.


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